BlueLine Algorithm

We perform a detailed social engagement analysis using data obtained through a simple Google search. We analyze three aspects of your content that determine their social impact. This social impact is expressed through your BlueLine score.


We use your BlueLine score to determine a marketing plan that will help you the most.

Depth of Content

People want interesting content

Can you remember the last social media post you saw? If you can't, don't feel bad because you are in the majority. What is the last social media post that you can remember? It's probably something that was meaningful, engaging, and relates to you. The depth of your content is the cornerstone to a successful social media presence. 


We analyze the depth of your content and help you create social media posts that your followers will remember.


of your score

Distribution of Content

People want timely content

Too many posts = white noise to your followers

Too few posts = customers forget you in between posts 

Understanding the right mixture of videos, pictures, and written posts is integral to customer retention. 


Using the BlueLine Algorithm, and industry specific data, we develop a specialized publication schedule for your business. 


of your score

Engagement of Content

People want shareable content

How do you measure success? While higher ROI is the ultimate goal, better viewership engagement is the means to get there. The more people you have liking, sharing, and commenting on your posts, the more likely they will be to buy your product.


We use the BlueLine Algorithm to establish a blase line for your customer's engagement. Then we analysis your past engagement so we can develop social media posts that your customers will want to like, share, and comment.


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