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Organic Search Marketing, Tips and Techniques

Updated: Aug 20, 2018

Check List for Organic Search Marketing

  1. Determine Keywords farther down the long tail using Google Adwords Planner

  2. Determine competition in your niche keyword searches

  3. Use these keywords repeatedly in your article

  4. Make money!

What is Organic Search Marketing?

Basically put, when you type something into Google, there are two types of results that come up, organic results and paid results. Or as Smart Bug Media puts it, "traffic from search engine results that is earned, not paid." So how do you EARN your traffic? You earn it through the long tail concept and keywords.

What is the Long Tail Concept?

The long tail concept can be explained by a simple analogy. Think about buying candy at a grocery store. Eighty percent of candy sales come from twenty percent of the manufactures. Mars, Nestle, Hershey's, are among the top candy producers who supply eighty percent of candy to consumers. The other twenty percent of candy sales comes from local mom and pop candy companies. Organic search marketing works the same way.

How do I use the long tail concept?

Using tools such as Google Adwords Planner, I was able to determine what keywords I would use for this article. Words such as "adwords, SEO, and optimization" are searched hundreds of thousands of times on average per month, while other words such as "organic search, small business tips, and marketing techniques" are searched only a couple of thousand times per month.

After finding out which words are in a niche for organic search marketing, I did research to see if my article would rank highly. The best way to see if your article will rank highly is to see how many articles answer the question you type into Google. For instance, if you search for "best place to eat in Raleigh" you will find about three pages of articles that answer that very question. In this example "best place to eat in Raleigh" is like Mars, Nestle, and Hershey dominating the search for good places to eat. The niche keyword for places to eat in Raleigh could be something like "fun burger places on Hillsborough street" which might not have a single article on Google and could guarantee your article to come up first. You can use this technique and the long tail concept to more effectively tailer your articles to Google's keyword system.


Using easy accessible tools, such as Google Adwords Planner, you can determine some keywords that would give your article a better likely hood of coming up first on Google. After you find some niche keywords that are searched consistently, you can research if your article would have excessive competition on Google. Finally, with all of the research done, you can tailer your article to the keywords you have found using the long tail concept.

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