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Top 3 Digital Marketing Mistakes

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

With this year coming to an end, many business owners are thinking about their digital marketing efforts for the coming year. There are many misconceptions floating around and I want to tackle the three I encounter the most.


1. Trying to Complete Everything at Once

2. Thinking Marketing is Expensive

3. Using Every Social Media Platform

Mistake 1: Trying to Complete Everything at Once

Let me tell you a funny story of a fresh out of college young man who wanted to start his own digital marketing company. For months he tried to complete every aspect of starting his business before he looked for clients. He spent most of his time building a world class website, making the perfect business card, creating award winning social media accounts, picking out the perfect first client meeting suit, buying all of the top business apps and management software, writing award winning blogs, and everything else you can think of. After months of working he realized something. What have I gained? Sure, he is set up for the future but as soon as he started networking and acquiring clients, he found something he wasn’t looking for. Change.

So maybe you guessed who I’m talking about. If not, let me spoil the surprise. The fresh out of college young man was me. The change I’m talking about started with my first few meetings with potential clients. My clients were not looking for a company that produces blogs on small business marketing, nor were they looking for a company who posts helpful tips on Facebook. They were looking for a partner that will take over their online presence, so they can focus on what they love.

What did I learn? Think. About. Your. Customer! Right now, I’m working with a Mobile Vet, Camille from Retrieving Balance, who’s planning on opening her business before the start of 2019. Camille is a dedicated veterinarian with a knack for customer service. With such an expedited timeline (a few weeks) there isn’t enough time to do it all. I knew, from my earlier mistakes, I had to focus my time on providing the most amount of value to her clients with the least amount of effort. And no, I don’t mean I’m trying to work as little as possible and get paid the most that I can. I just mean I have to prioritize my time.

You may be asking; how did I pick what to prioritize? Easy! Think. About. Your. Customer! Pet owners want to make sure their vet will care for their pet as much as they do. I could create a killer website with tons of written content expressing how much she cares for other’s pets and spend a month doing it. But why? Will that actually convince people? Maybe, but is there an easier way? Of course there is and it’s one word, Facebook. For a fourth of the time, and no cost, you can accomplish the goal of convincing people.

Facebook allows for customer reviews, written and video content, and gives your customer a way to contact you. Yes, yes, she still needs a website, but you have to prioritize. After creating a Facebook page you can open your business and start acquiring customers and THEN worry about everything else. A comprehensive website, written content, like blogs, scheduling software, and client portals are next on the agenda, but all the while she’s making that money (that’s the goal, right?)

Moral of the story? Think. About. Your. Customer!

Mistake 2: Thinking Marketing is Expensive

First thing is first, let’s define expensive. Marian Webster defines expensive as “involving high cost or sacrifice.” Hmm, that’s not helpful. Expensive may be too hard to define so let’s talk real numbers. When you open up a Google AdWords account, you're asked to create a marketing campaign and put in your credit card. Of course I forgot to cancel the marketing campaign after creating the account, so I accidentally spent $3.00 over a 2 day period. For $3.00, 445 people saw my business name and 8 people clicked on my website through Google AdWords. Not bad for $3.00 and no planning. After seeing these accidental results, I decided to try Facebook Post Boost for my latest blog. For $7.00, 619 people saw my blog post and 14 people clicked on my website to view the full blog. But what does that mean? Is that sustainable?

How do you get people to check out your website or blogs? If you know a better/cheaper way to get a click, please, let me know! Otherwise, you’re going to have to use some type of marketing tool to get the engagement you want. For just a couple of bucks, you too can reach people that are interested in what you have to say. My mistake turned into a helpful tip to get those first couple of clicks!

Mistake 3: Using Every Social Media Platform

How much time do you spend creating one Facebook post? Twitter post? Instagram post? Each platform requires a different style of content to produce the results you want. Many argue about what works and what doesn’t work, but let’s just talk about the restraints on content. Facebook is the most versatile. Blogs, long written word, pictures, videos, and everything in-between are possible on Facebook. Twitter, even with their latest update on text length, lets you write only 280 characters plus pictures and videos. Instagram is all about the pictures and videos. So back to my question, how much time?

Many companies use social media platforms that either doesn't connect with their customers or they use these platforms in a way that doesn't connect with their customers. Take these screenshots of some twitter users for example. 752 tweets, and from what I can see, maybe one like every 5 tweets. How much time do you think it took to develop 752 tweets? They had to think about what they wanted to write 752 times. They had to find a pictures or videos to add to their Tweets. They wrote 752 captions.

Even at 4 minutes a tweet that’s over 50 hours of creating content that didn’t connect with your audience. That’s 50 hours this person could have put toward a different platform that could produce results. That’s 50 hours of time they could have spent with their family. That’s 50 hours they could have watch The Walking Dead, granted that’s only 40% of how many hours it takes to watch the whole thing but that’s besides the point.

Conclusion: Every social media platform isn’t for everyone. Focus your time on what works and don’t push what doesn’t. Sounds simple but keep it in mind! Give social media platforms a try and if you don’t see the results you want, move on to something that does. Better yet, send me a message and ask what social media platforms would work best for your customers. I'm happy to help my fellow small businessman/woman and I would be even happier to partner with you and create a marketing campaign tailored to your customers.

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